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1994: Academic review. Preliminary Study of China’s Juvenile Delinquency by Shao Daosheng; Crimes in India, Problems and Policy, by R R Bhatnagar. The British Journal of Criminology Volume 34 No 4

2000: The Urban Challenge. With Graham Drake. Hodder and Stoughton

2009: Home. A Personal Geography of Sheffield. Fou Fou Publishing


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Home; A Personal Geography of Sheffield is a book I came across through my interest in the work of social Geographer Danny Dorling. Both men share affection for Sheffield, the northern city that has become second home to them. The impetus to write his book, claims Lee in the introduction, was “the seemingly remorseless exhortation of the delights of everything beyond our shores that drew me into looking at Sheffield anew”. He then details various articles from UK press to evidence a “type” of Brit who leaves the UK to live abroad (which means I’m a-typical – a migrant who doesn’t take the Daily Fail as gospel and who abhors both the racism at home and that brought to NZ by those fleeing the UK). Home details a year in Lee’s life from 2007-08 (the year I left Britain to experience New Zealand). What struck me about the book was the tone: Laurie Lee meets Orwell with a sprinkling of Auden? Not exactly; it’s far too readable for such reductive comparisons. It is addictive in its mix of geography meets history meets trivia meets journal, and is in parts very moving. As other reviewers note, Home is a must for anyone with an interest in Sheffield. But Lee’s skill lies in expanding the features of Sheffield to speak of wider social issues, which he does so eloquently if for the want of a decent editor. Home is a must for anyone with an interest in their fellow human beings.


2011: Wake up and smell the masala: contested realities in urban India. Geography: Volume 96 Part 2

2011: ‘The geography of poverty.’ with Danny Dorling. The Socialist Review October 2011. Access at

2014:‘Inequality constitutes a particular place.’ With Danny Dorling. Chapter 7 in ‘Riot, Unrest and Protest on the Global Stage.’ Pakes F and Pritchard D. (editors). Palgrave Macmillan. London.

2016: “Geography”.  with Danny Dorling  Profile Books

Publishers website

Danny and I have prepared a website supporting this book. A Chinese language version of both the book and website is coming soon.

Geography website

2016 ‘Geography’s place in the world’. With Danny Dorling.  Times Higher Education March 24th


2002. ‘Made in Sheffield. From Steel to Sport’. With Stuart Dunn.

2010. Money – World Mapper Edition. Music by N.A.S.A. featuring David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip (Grant Phabao Remix)

2010. Elitism is Efficient : A Personal Geography of Injustice part 1 with Danny Dorling

2010: Exclusion is Necessary: A Personal Geography of Injustice part 2 with Danny Dorling

2010: Prejudice is Natural: A Personal Geography of Injustice part 3. with Danny Dorling

2010: Greed is Good: A Personal Geography of Injustice part 4 with Danny Dorling

2010: Despair is Inevitable: A Personal Geography of Injustice part 5 with Danny Dorling.

2011: Inequality in Bangalore – Made using a handheld compact camera with my daughter whilst on holiday in India. It only took a couple hours to shoot and it was used for a Skype lecture later on that day.

2012: A City in Context. Made for The University of Sheffield Festival of the Mind 2012 by Carl Lee, Benjamin Hennig, Danny Dorling, Dan Fleetwood and Nick Bax.

2014: Generation rent discussion between Professor Danny Dorling and myself. Filmed by Sheffield College student Joe O’Connor